A World of Plants

This oversized book is a real treasure trove of amazing facts about the plant world laid out in a very clear and simple way. The author’s vast knowledge on the subject matter is evident as we learn about the importance of plants for human life and their part in regulating the Earth’s climate. This is a book that educates and informs in a way that is engaging and colourful. Plants are brought to life as we learn how smart they are, how they help each other and fight with each other and all the things they do to survive.

The high quality and detailed illustrations beautifully complement the text and make this book a joy to hold and delve into. It will appeal to anyone who wants to discover more about the important part plants play in the world around them and will prove to be a good reference book for children, parents and teachers. It will also provide an opportunity for discussion both at home and in the classroom.

Highly recommended.