ABC Early Learning at the Museum

Produced by the British Museum, this beautiful picturebook uses objects from the museum’s rich collection to teach its readers the alphabet, with paintings, textiles and sculptures all incorporated to represent different letters. Pictures of each piece appear above or below the relevant letter, which is typed in both capital and lower case, along with the name of the object. The use of photographs gives the presentation a three-dimensional effect, while brightly coloured backgrounds enhance the images. The writers have chosen a selection of vivid and striking artefacts from all four corners of the globe that deviate from ones often found in alphabet books, including Anteater, Wave and Yak.

The final page is a glossary of all the works, stating the name of each piece, along with its date of creation and country of origin. Included here is a QR code which can be scanned on a smartphone to access more detailed information about the museum’s collection. The website also gets a mention, inviting readers to log on and discover more about their favourite pieces.

The eclectic content of this board book provides plenty of talking points for young children and is a creative way to introduce them to the letters of the alphabet while also offering a peek into the world of the British Museum. Looking through the pages may even spark a child’s interest in visiting their own local museum!