Agatha Parrot and the Mushroom Boy

Agatha Parrot is just trying to watch her favourite TV show, ‘SING, WIGGLE and SHINE’ (the worst talent show ever), when her absolutely evil brother James swipes the remote so he can watch football instead. Of course, there’s a row and the remote goes missing and no one can watch anything. But after a giant yellow cake, a school fête and a fairy birthday party down the street that turns James into a giant mushroom (sort of), Agatha gets her revenge.

Agatha Parrot is a brilliant character, witty and a bit over the top in her harmless pranks. The direct-to-the-reader voice works well and is genuine, funny and warm. The family and friend relationships are well drawn. As Agatha takes the reader through the action, she is quite explicit in her descriptions and timing of events, which is a big bonus for newly confident readers.

Relaying typical family dramas that spiral out of control, as they usually do, the tone is light-hearted, thoroughly enjoyable and believable.  The simple line illustrations throughout (by David Tazzyman) add to the text, as they appear to have been drawn by the character herself and perfectly illustrate each ensuing situation. This book, as with the other two Agatha Parrot titles, is a wonderful read for both boys and girls, although the appeal may be stronger for girls, due to the gender of the central character. An exciting and laugh-out-loud funny read for ages 6-9 years… and their parents, of course.