Alexander and the Wind-Up Mouse

Nobody likes Alexander the mouse. When people catch sight of him they shriek with disgust, chase him with brooms and try to capture him with mousetraps. All poor little Alexander wants is a few crumbs to eat. One day Alexander meets Willy, a smug little clockwork mouse who is loved and cuddled every single night in Annie’s bed, between a doll and a woolly teddy bear. The two mice become the best of friends, but Alexander is secretly bubbling with envy at the thought of Willy’s seemingly charmed lifestyle. If only he could somehow become a wind-up mouse and be loved too…or maybe the life of a toy mouse is not such a charmed one after all?

The themes of this story brought to mind The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams although the illustrations couldn’t be more different. Gorgeous collages make up the very distinctive world of Alexander and add to the dream-like atmosphere. There are two especially beautiful spreads which feature a full moon, elegant crepe paper grasses and a colourful lizard with magic powers. Young children will adore this enchanting story of belonging and friendship.