Alfie in the Bath

Alfie in the Bath is the second picturebook in a series by Debi Gliori. Here we meet the adventurous young rabbit with a vivid imagination in his bath-tub which, of course, is the ocean with a plethora of sea creatures. Alfie gets to ‘snick sneck’ with the crabs and ‘glub glub’ with the octopus, and has so much fun ‘kersploooooshing’ that he also gets to mop up with his dad. 

The language is simple and sparse but read aloud very small children will enjoy the onomatopoeic words and want to repeat them also.

Gliori's signature charcoal and pastel is effectively used once again, as Alfie and his friends seem to leap off the page at us. The illustrations are set on a white background where there’s just enough colour to maintain freshness but also enough white to allow for spatial relations and character dynamics. Alfie in the Bath is a beautiful book by Gliori, which babies and toddlers in particular would enjoy.