All Around the World: Sports and Games

In Cosneau’s original All Around the World, readers were offered 8 panoramas of environments from around the globe and encouraged to complete them using stickers of accompanying animals. In this follow-up, the mega-sized scenes are focused on various sports and games settings, including the adventure playground, the water park, the circus, the sports stadium, the carnival, the zoo, the horse stables and even the ski slope. While the culture and customs are markedly Western, the accompanying stickers feature a wonderfully diverse range of people! There is also a good range of animals and objects to stick down.

With eight fold-outs and over 200 stickers to position, this is a jam-packed activity book. The large and elongated format of the fold-outs even allow for group work. On the reverse side of the panoramas, readers will also find tracing and colouring activities. And to top it all off, the stickers are reusable, allowing endless fun as readers redecorate the scenes over and over again. The fold-outs can even be detached and placed on the wall for family and friends to admire!

Cosneau’s illustrations are colourful and cartoonish, bringing a great liveliness to the scenes. Despite the engrossing nature of the book, readers may also be inspired to get out and get active. A simple but highly enjoyable and absorbing book!

Not suitable for children under 3 due to choking hazards.