All the Lonely People

When Kat is cyberbullied, she decides her only option is to delete her online profiles and disappear from the internet for good. It doesn’t take long for her to realise that it wasn’t just her online persona that has gone – soon her physical body starts fading, too. Only her bully remembers her, but will he get the courage to fight for her existence?

A 21st-century plot, dealing with current issues of cyberbullying, loneliness and the feeling of not wanting to exist anymore. The protagonist’s loneliness will resonate with many readers, especially in a world with Facebook friends and Instagram followers, and finding other people who feel the same as her is incredibly uplifting.

At times the storyline gets busy, with many characters involved in different aspects of the plot, but all in all this is a very intelligent and thought-provoking story. Although there is a definite sense of sci-fi and technology as major themes throughout, the development of relationships (both good and bad) are what makes this story so memorable. Family dynamics are another interesting aspect of the novel, with a wide variety of family situations being discussed.

Written for a mature YA audience, with bad language and mature themes.