Jimmy and his friend, Nita Nextdoor, ‘all teeth, curls and ferocity’ are intrigued by badges, bearing the message ‘AmadansAnonymousComingtogetyou’. At the mention of the word ‘Amadan’, Jimmy’s Grandad (a man of few words since his budgie died) becomes agitated and warns Jimmy ‘Beware the Stroke Lads, boy! … They’ll root you to the spot, and that’s that.’ Via the computer screen Jimmy and Nita enter the amadan world and discover that the amadans are losing their power to paralyse humans who are ‘up to no good’. With help from Grandad whose lethal weapon is a bowl of porridge, Jimmy and Nita restore harmony to the amadan world.

Middle and upper primary-school boys and girls could equally enjoy this book – boys will relish the ‘gross’ descriptions and girls will appreciate the leadership roles played by Nita and Fleur. There is scope for discussion as the author deftly interweaves many issues such as ageism, friendship, social exclusion and bullying into this light-hearted adventure story, which is told in a simple, direct and humorous style.