Amazing Animal Babies

This publication is born into a world full of books about animals. However, it has a huge advantage over other publications in that it is firmly aimed at very young children. It starts at their level of awareness and brings the reader on an expedition around the world to observe young animals in their habitats.

The importance of family as a first point of information and education is brought out in the illustrations where family whether they be human or animal are close at all times. This book does not shy away from the reality of life in the wild and provides the correct level of realism to inform rather than scare.

Author Chris Packham has pitched the content at a level that will engage the youngest reader and encourage the more informed reader. A ‘Find Out More’ section at the back of the book provides additional facts about the animals which is an excellent idea, preventing each page being too crowded with information for the younger reader. The illustrations by Cockcroft support the text while also providing visual additional information. The rats look particularly good!

This book is one to go back to time and time again. It provides a variety of opportunities for discussion, thus enabling the reader to build on their knowledge of animals.