Amazing Transport

Amazing Transport is a big book of incredible history and fantastic facts about the different kinds of vehicles that have been invented to help people move. From more common vehicles like cars, trains and aeroplanes to less common ones like balloons, tanks and submarines, the book explores the different journeys each vehicle went through to get to their current incarnations.

Amazing Transport is full of the stories and people behind the different machines that help move the world. Most people know the story of the Titanic, but what about the Breitling Orbiter or Dunlop tyres or the Bell X-1? There is so much information, but it’s presented in a very accessible and interesting manner.

Initially sceptical about the use of black and white drawings, I was won over when I got to study them properly. Intricate and reminiscent of older styles of illustrations, they are used wonderfully to explore the history of vehicles. Amazing Transport is a great addition to any library and is the kind of book that can inspire future inventors and scientists.