‘I taught Zibbo how to fly. Zibbo taught me how to… ROARRR!’

Amazing, the latest book from award-winning author and illustrator Steve Anthony (of the beloved Mr Panda series), is an uplifting and entertaining picturebook. Some families have pet dogs, others have gold fish, cats, guinea pigs or hamsters, but have you come across a pet dragon? In this wonderful tale, the reader follows a young boy and his bright-yellow pet dragon, Zibbo, as they go on many adventures together. They go to the park, school, parties and much more, highlighting that he can do most of the same things other children can do. Though Zibbo might be different from other pets, he is ‘amazing’ just the way he is. ‘And so are you.’

Amazing is a celebration of diversity and friendship, and is an ideal introduction to young readers about acceptance and difference. With its engaging, amusing and vibrant illustrations as well as fantastic end papers, a diverse range of readers will all be captivated by Zibbo’s antics. Steve Anthonty’s amusing caper about an unlikely but loving friendship is sure to be another great success.