American Monsters

Derek Landy comes back with the third and last book of the Demon Road trilogy, American Monster, bringing Amber into the conclusion of her hectic journey.

Amber, who used to be a young normal American teenager, makes a great discovery on her sixteenth birthday when the demons reveal themselves and her life takes an all-new turn, forcing her to go on the run.

In the finale of this epic road trip across the supernatural landscape of America, will Amber be able to resolve all her problems? Will she have the courage to kill her parents after all they have done to her? Will she free herself from Lord Astaroth’s clutches? Or will she be driven mad by her demon self? And what about Milo, and all the other friends she has met on the road?

Fast-paced, action-packed and full of surprises, the plot of American Monsters does not disappoint. Derek Landy brings the reader straight back into the story with a fast evolving narrative and a great mix of horror and humour. However, it did feel like too much was trying to fit into this book, especially towards the conclusion.

I would advise to read the two first books before this one as it will be more fulfilling for the reader to have followed Amber’s transformation from the beginning. However, the story is self-explanatory, which makes it easier to understand even without having read the previous books.