Amy Green: Love and Other Drama Ramas

In the fourth book of the series, Amy Green and all her friends and family are all loved up! This includes best friend Mills, who has fallen head over heels for the absolutely gorgeous, swoon-worthy Bailey Otis. With Mum finally having the chance to prove her talents as a writer, quirky Aunt Clover headed off to university and the preparations for Mum’s hen-do, you’d think life would be fantastic!

There are dark clouds on the horizon. Dave is jealous of Finn Hunter, the Irish Surfing Chef spending tons of time with Mum while she ghost-pens his autobiography. Clover is fraught at the prospect of having to face former best-friend Cliona and former boyfriend turned love-rat Kendall every day, despite having a rock star boyfriend. And Bailey is cheating on Mills with queen mean D4, Annabelle Hamilton. 

Nothing ever runs smoothly in the world of Amy Green!

This is another fast-paced and funny book by Sarah Webb. At book number four, the stories maintain the fine quality of writing, warm and accessible characters and a believable plot. The series has also grown with each book. Topical, sometimes troubling issues interspersed through a ‘typical teen’ narrative are handled with care and attention and are down to earth, avoiding any tendency to drag into an overtly ‘preachy’ or aggressive style. In this case, as Bailey’s troubled past is revealed, it’s done so in a non-judgemental way, without pity, but with a great deal of compassion. The characters act and react in realisticaly, showing both the good and flawed sides of themselves in all circumstances, normal and extraordinary.