An Artist’s Alphabet

This lavishly illustrated book gives a creative and innovative method of applying links between the letters of the alphabet and the everyday objects that surround us. Messenger’s long history of illustration is evident in the vintage style of illustration. The pages are decorated with a washed pastel tone, in a quintessentially English style. This book certainly stands out among the more graphic styles we see most commonly today.

Every image is hand drawn. The watercolour paint creeps over the visible pencil lines of the drawings, giving warmth and a homely feel, layered with a sense of tradition. However, the objects chosen to represent the letters are a new and refreshing take on the usual alphabet book, which mostly does not incorporate the letters into the drawing, as this one does.

Naturally I would recommend this book for children in the youngest age ranges as they are studying the alphabet, however I would also recommend it to anyone interested in the sophisticated, mature illustrative style of Messenger.