Ancient Wonders

No one knows who decided on the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. But centuries of historians, poets and philosophers have written thrilling accounts of their magnificence which have left us yearning to know more about their great mysteries. How was the Great Pyramid at Giza constructed? Did the mystical Hanging Gardens of Babylon actually exist? What became of the enormous Colossus of Rhodes? Learn the stories behind these and many more amazing structures in Ancient Wonders.

Everyone has heard of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and perhaps can name some or even all of the historic sites and monuments. However, this beautifully designed new book delves further into the stories behind them, detailing the Wonder itself and the inspiration behind its construction. Then it casts a spotlight on some of the technologies used to create the massive structures, for example the ancient system of pulleys and levers used to build the Pyramid at Giza or the waterways required to irrigate the Hanging Gardens. Finally it introduces the reader to another wonder, a lesser known though no less impressive feat of ancient engineering that shares something in common with its better known counterpart.

This novel structure adds greatly to the enjoyment and information to be gained from the book. Featuring a great layout and design with stunning illustrations that stretch across the page, the grandeur of the Wonders is made clear for all to see. Ancient Wonders is a fascinating and attractive book full of interesting facts, perfect for any young reader with an interest in history, architecture, building or engineering.