Angel Kiss

“When I like a guy, I tend to examine every word that comes out of his mouth with the determination of a profiler interviewing a suspect,” Jacki King notes in Laura Jane Cassidy’s debut novel, Angel Kiss.

Angel Kissis a blend of suspense, crime, the supernatural, and contemporary realism – Jacki may be someone with extraordinary powers and a higher calling, but she is also firmly grounded in the Irish small town where she and her mother have moved.

Jacki’s gift for communicating with the spirits of dead women doesn’t define her any more than her talent for song writing, her desire for real love, or her attempts to make and keep new friends – and it’s this careful balancing act between the extraordinary and ordinary that makes this book such a treat. She is motivated to find out more about what’s going on not just out of a need to do the right thing for a woman she’s never met, but also because her vivid visions create difficulties amongst her new friends and new love interest.

Becoming a heroine is not an easy decision, but Jacki is an appealing and relatable protagonist whose choices are both genuinely tough and admirable. In her world, Cassidy conveys both the cosy intimacy and potentially treacherous underbelly of small-town life – a welcome change from the urban and suburban settings of much fiction for older teens.

The story suggests that this is only the first of Jacki’s adventures – readers will reach the end of the book satisfied with the story told here, yet still curious to discover what the next story might bring.