Angel’s Fury

Every night Cassie Farrier, GCSE student, dreams of the death of Zillah, a little Jewish girl in Nazi Germany. On a school trip to Germany she recognises the field in which Zillah was shot. In the hope of ending her nightmares, she leaves an anonymous tip to the authorities, which leads to the discovery of graves. Her dreams get worse.

The link between the title of the book and the story only becomes obvious in the last third, although there are hints in the preface of each section. The entire story is narrated by Cassie, a likeable heroine who actively confronts her demons. The scene-setting is quite descriptive and vivid. In key places, single sentences of dialogue are in German. Only a few are translated, which is frustrating for those readers who do not understand German. The Holocaust-related storyline results in an interesting plot twist, ensuring that this debut novel stands out in the overcrowded paranormal–romance genre.

This is an entertaining standalone tale, with potential for a sequel, emphasised by the ringing phone ending. It is an intriguing blend of physical and psychological horror spiced with biblical mythology.