Animals Are Delicious

This set of three board books is sure to make a fantastic addition to any child’s library. With each one detailing the food chains of a different habitat – the sky, the forest and the ocean – Hutt provides a simple, easily comprehensible overview to how a single plant leads to the feeding of an entire ecosystem.

On the front side of each page is a graphic representation of one member of the chain accompanied by a short textual description. The repetitive form of these descriptions adds a poetic element, making for compelling, story-like reads. On the back of each page, children can learn about the other types of food each plant or animal consumes to survive.

The books’ concertina format is quite unusual even for board books; each title folds out into one long, continuous line. That considered, these might not be ideal texts to read in every setting, but they do make for unique and innovative additions to any child’s collection. The fact that they are board books also makes them quite durable, allowing for even the youngest of children to enjoy the adorable graphics and stories. I would highly recommend the set for toddlers and young children who have a demonstrated interest in animals.