Animals at Night

Meet the animals that venture out at night in this adventure featuring many of the vast and varied habitats of the world. Visit the Amazon rainforest to see the prowling jaguar and fruit-loving kinkajous. Spot the Bengal tiger as it swims through the mangrove forest, the lion pride resting on the African savannah, and the loggerhead turtles nesting under the moonlight on an Australian beach.

This comprehensive guide to nocturnal animals begins in the familiar world of the city just as children are going to sleep. Then it hops from place to place to single out the different night-time loving creatures who populate some more exotic and far-flung areas. Devoting a double-page spread to each starlit habitat, author Katy Flint gently describes the scene and the activities of its various creatures. Fact boxes containing extra snippets of information are strategically placed to augment the core text and share some fascinating insights along the way.

The illustrations by Cornelia Li are perfectly matched to the subject matter and present detailed, shimmering pictures of the animals at home in their natural worlds. In particular, the night-time light and shadow is beautifully conveyed giving the book a lovely, calming feel. A special glow-in-the-dark poster is also included at the back of the book featuring the ocean creatures of the deep sea. This will look great on any animal lover’s wall, providing a soft glow as they, unlike all the creatures featured in this stunning book, drift away to sleep…