Anywhere Farm

‘Where does it all start? What do you need?/ Just one farmer – you – and one little seed.’ Growing vegetables can take place anywhere and at any time. An old shoe, an empty tin or anything that offers a small bit of space can be a good container for a seed to grow. Root turns the experience of planting into a fun and catchy rhyme. Co-reading the texts out loud, children and adults will explore the green world of natural science while enjoying the pleasurable rhythm and sonorities of the text.

The scratchy colour-pencil illustrations evoke those from a diary or a sketchbook in which an artistic gardener would keep a visual record of their growing plants. Beginning with a seed, the stages of the plant life cycle are vividly pictured. At the same time, the idea of the ‘anywhere farm’ is amplified by the depiction of the background where the greenery grows: in an urban neighbourhood, on a street corner, by the bins in an alleyway… And the joys of gardening can be easily shared by young and not-so-young alike.

Now, following the planting steps in this picturebook, take some soil, some water and a seed, and you can turn your surroundings into lovely green!