Apocalypse Bow Wow

Stay cool dude, the world as we know it is over and everyone has gone to join the choir invisible. All except for two simple-minded dogs. Who will feed and water Brownie and Apollo? In a dog eat dog world it’s time to leave the sofa and find a way to survive.
Presented in a simple black and white graphic novel format, what seems like a grim plotline from Cormac McCarthy turns into a laugh-a-minute romp in the hands of James Proimos III. From the initial fumblings of Brownie and Apollo attempting to escape the foodless house by licking the front doorknob, to the final confrontation with some wild animals at the local supermarket, the laughs never let up. The banter between the main protagonists is particularly good, making for a classic ‘dumb and dumber’ buddy act.
The art by James Proimos Jr is basic but lively, with the emphasis on the characters. Backgrounds are kept to a bare minimum. My one criticism is the quality of the line-work; it’s indistinct in places where the grey tones are heavy and it looks a bit rushed. Overall, it doesn’t detract from the story. This book is deeply silly and all the better for it!