Archie Snufflekins Oliver Valentine Cupcake Tiberius Cat

A crafty cat prowls from home to home on Blossom Street, receiving plenty of care and attention from all. However, when the cheeky feline suddenly disappears, each member of the community comes out in search of their cherished companion. Together, they soon discover that one elderly neighbour is in particular need of company.

Some may be familiar with the urban myth of a cat with many owners yet Harnett’s delightful illustrations add even more charm to this amusing tale. The neighbourhood is wonderfully diverse, filled with great characters and each with their own unique approach to pet care. Madame Betty of Old Hollywood glamour likes to squeeze and snuggle while the artistic Miss Fernandez prefers to pay painterly homage to her pet. Fisherman Mr Green offers up fried treats while the Hoskins couple share tea with their companion.

Harnett’s spreads are beautifully detailed with fashions and home interiors perfectly capturing her characters’ personalities. The warm palette of earthy tones is particularly endearing and Harnett’s attention to detail ensures that the endpapers and spine are also a treat.

The eponymous cat is certainly charismatic and it’s not hard to see why so many residents fall for him. Harnett assigns him a great range of facial expressions, from the smug to the slightly miffed. A real charmer!

Harnett greatly reminds readers that our animal companions have their own minds while also encouraging each of us to get to know our neighbours. A sweet and charming tale of companionship, especially purrfect for any cat lover.