Are Coconuts More Dangerous Than Sharks?

The title sets the tone for this factual book. It is packed with thought-provoking questions followed by complete answers and interesting descriptions. Are Coconuts More Dangerous than Sharks? stimulates the reader to be more aware of the world around us and to find out more about everyday entities.

The presentation of the contents page is via statements and illustrations – this allows the reader to go straight to the content which grabs his/her eye first. The topics covered don’t disappoint, from ‘The water in your glass was once dinosaur wee’ to ‘We only use ten per cent of our brains’, all are sure to spike the interest of any reader – child or adult!

Text is displayed using a variety of formats and is always accompanied by an illustration. The illustrations are either comedic or informative, sometimes providing a dual purpose. They balance out the text and aid comprehension while reading. Myths are dispelled and common misconceptions are corrected in a child friendly way. This book encourages the reader to seek out and take into account all available information relating to a subject and make informed decisions based on same.

This book is ideal to dip in and out of or read from cover to cover. It is bursting with information which stimulates the mind and encourages conversation about the world around us.