Arthur and the Golden Rope

Within the Brownstone vault lie multiple treasures collected over thousands of years by that enterprising and adventurous family. But the most astounding treasure is the collection of books written by Brownstones through the ages, a collection which is sure to inspire an echoing series of Flying Eye books.

This very first book is the incredible tale of Arthur, the unlikeliest of heroes, a boy who was always going to be different from the others in his Icelandic town. He is a lover of stories who sits at the feet of the wise woman of the village while the rest of the villagers sit by the fire. Loving stories is a sure-fire way of becoming a great character, in books at least, and Arthur soon finds himself taking on the monstrous wolf that looks sure to quench the fire, and the life, of his quiet little town. Arthurs only option is to go to look for help from the great god Thor.

Flying Eye Books have a reputation for fine production, and this book is no exception. From the gold foil detailing on the cover to the gobsmacking double-page spreads, there is something on every crammed page to keep curious children amused. Spreads of night skies and maps of the Norse World or here be dragons seas will be favourites, and one of a teetering old library will have bibliophiles swooning as Arthur climbs to the top shelf to get a very old book, out of which a crumbling piece of parchment flutters…