Ascension: A Phobos novel (Phobos Trilogy 1)

Leonor has been chosen as one of twelve young astronauts to take part in the Genesis programme. There are six girls and six boys, in two separate bays of a single spaceship, journeying on a one-way trip to Mars. They are also contenders in a televised space speed-dating show, which aims to create the first human colony on the red planet. The astronauts have six minutes each week to find their perfect partner for a lifetime together on Mars. But what seems to be a dream could easily turn into a nightmare.

The first book in a trilogy that has been translated from French, Ascension is full of twists and turns. It is like a sci-fi Love Island and is packed full of interesting ideas, including the secrets that each of the young astronauts hide. The author has created a compelling hero in Leonor, illustrating her insecurities and motivations.

As the first book in the series, there is still a lot unanswered so it will be interesting to see how successfully the story pans out. Some parts of the dialogue feel a bit clunky, with too much exposition, but this might be due to the translation. Ascension is a page-turner that will leave the reader eager to find out what happens next.