Ask Amy Green: Wedding Belles

Amy Green is used to having plenty of drama-rama in her life. In this book, not only is she helping Clover with the Agony Aunt letters forThe Goss magazine as usual; but her mum Sylvie’s wedding is fast approaching (with mucho planning still to be done), her best friend Mills is being bullied by the other cheerleaders, Clover is making big plans for the future, and her boyfriend Seth has become distant. What’s a girl to do?

With the same great cast of characters we’ve come to know in the earlier books and lots of emotion, Amy Green fans will not be disappointed by this finale. It’s wedding planning a go-go as we reach the event that has been built up for the last few books (such as the trip to Paris in Bridesmaid Blitz) and there’s plenty of glamour and excitement, but also lots for Amy to deal with in her personal life. As always, Amy’s diaries are honest and heartfelt. Sarah Webb creates a good balance between humour and sadness, and gives both Amy and Clover strong (and entertaining!) voices – phrases like ‘coola boola’ and ‘siúcra diúcra’ are scattered throughout the books. This is a worthy end to what has been a very enjoyable series (it is great to read some teen fiction set in Ireland!) and Amy and Clover will no doubt be missed by their many fans!