At the Animal Ball

At the Animal Ball is a fun-filled, beautifully illustrated split-page board book where animal characters from all around the world (such as Panda, Lemur, Koala and Chinchilla) come together to enjoy the animal ball in their own costumes and with their own dances, reflecting different world cultures in a very cute and fun way.
Written in rhyme and with questions that entice the reader to try new dance moves, the book also has a rhythm itself, adding to its charm. The big letters in a soft grey colour make it a beautiful and well-integrated read with lots of adorable detail on each page frame.
The most fun part of At the Animal Ball is that it offers plenty of interactivity to its readers since it’s made with sturdy board pages split into flaps, that not only allow the creation of unique mixed and matched characters and dance moves, but also promotes coordination and cognitive development. The cover also shows a mixed and matched character and different background colours, already indicating the many possibilities this book offers.
The illustrations are deliciously textured and the details in the outfits as well as the colour palette of each character reflect unique world cultures; yet all the animals fit together, either dancing side by side at the ball, on their own or when they are mixed.
An ideal book to explore (and dance!) with little ones covering the topic of cultural diversity!