Atlas of Oddities

The Atlas of Oddities is a unique compendium of some of the most unusual events, objects and people that make our world such a fascinating place. From the prolific pen of Clive Gifford, author of over 150 books, and inspired by both his own travels and those of his parents who worked for an airline, this round-the-world adventure takes the reader through all of the planet’s continents and countries. Along the way the reader also learns about the rich diversity of our planet and its population of over 7 billion people, each with their own culture, interests, traditions and ways of life.

Featuring page after page of fascinating facts, ranging from the interesting to the downright bizarre, the Atlas of Oddities is an immersive experience. There is no wasted space in this book as snippets of information cover every available corner of the page. All are accompanied by Tracy Worrall’s detailed and descriptive illustrations, maps and diagrams which add immensely to the fun.

This is a clever and unusual book which should manage the trick of appealing to both fluent readers and those who perhaps need a bit more encouragement. The bite-size passages of text are easily digested while also being interesting enough to inspire the reader to keep reading, learning as they go. Attractively and impressively designed, this would make an ideal gift book and a wonderful addition to any bookshelf.