Be an Irish Explorer

Be an Irish Explorer is an activity pad with a twist as it challenges budding artists to discover, doodle, design and draw their way around Ireland. Each page explores a different location, from Newgrange to Bunratty, the Giant’s Causeway to the Cliffs of Moher. Activities include drawing the sights, designing buildings, jewellery, posters and postcards and creating a new comic strip.

Sprinkled among the artistic challenges are a series of interesting facts about Ireland’s history, customs and traditions. Featuring everything from the story of Saint Patrick to a guide to each county’s GAA team colours, there are oodles of fun and fascinating facts to entertain and inform along the artist’s Irish journey.

It is this combination of activity pad and fact book that marks Be an Irish Explorer as something a little bit special. Never patronising to Irish culture (it even manages to seamlessly fold leprechauns and Irish dancing girls into the proceedings), the range of activities on offer are perfect to stir the minds of young travelers. The attention to detail is striking as the author has carefully designed each task to gently prod the imagination, asking the reader to think and create at every step of the way.

This attention to detail carries over to the physical design of the book. The hard cardboard cover, perfect for leaning on while drawing, the easy flip and tear pages and the handy A4 size all allow the book to be highly portable and therefore the ideal companion to any jaunt around our beautiful island of adventures.