Being Ben

The world of the young child can be a daunting place. So much is experienced for the first time and so much is unpredictable. Ben’s imagination takes over as he contemplates the arrival of his new baby brother or sister. He imagines a monster that will be noisy, break his toys and distract his parents’ attention away from him. He develops an allergy to stripes and is dreading being the centre of attention at his upcoming birthday party. But all his worries resolve when he discovers that he is not afraid of snakes and eventually finds his confidence.

This delightful group of stories will keep young readers entertained and amused. The language used is challenging and will broaden the young readers’ vocabulary in a non intrusive way. The issues being dealt with are universal; insecurity, confidence and fear of the unknown.

Communication is the key message in these stories, highlighting the need to talk and discuss our fears and insecurities. Ben learns to talk to his parents and friends including a set of twins who teach him sign language as they are hearing impaired. And when he does talk about his needs, he finds that they resolve quickly with clever intervention.

Expressive and amusing black and white illustration will help the young reader to fully enjoy these quirky stories.