Between Tick and Tock

Between Tick and Tock is a charming tale about a little girl called Liesel and the bustling city that she lives above. Ashling Lindsay illustrates Liesel and her home in the clock tower in warm peachy colours that stand in stark contrast to the greyness of what lies outside her window. Liesel peeks out at the grey, watching the city’s people below as they rush from one thing to the next. They do not stop to say hello or to help each other.

There is urgency in the illustrations that is further pushed along by Louise Greig’s short, hurried snippets of text throughout. With a magical pause of the clock between tick and tock, Liesel freezes time and gets to work, spreading her warmth and carrying out good deeds throughout the city.

Liesel is the only character with a name; all other characters are named according to what they are feeling, putting faces to worry and loneliness. This personification of negative emotions is a clever way of opening up a conversation with younger readers about things that may trouble them. Liesel reminds the reader of the importance of looking after each other and slowing down in this busy world, a valuable lesson for readers young and old.