Big Kid Bed

Leslie Patricelli and the inimitable Baby are back with this delightful new board book. It is bedtime for Baby but not in his safe, reliable cot. Baby has a new big kid bed to sleep in. Daddy tucks Baby in and Mummy says good night, but the bed is so big, and Baby feels so small. How will he ever get to sleep?

Leslie Patricelli is the American writer and illustrator of the best-selling line of toddler books starring Baby, including On my Potty, Dummy, Yummy Yucky and Big Little. These books centre on some basic but pretty universal concepts affecting toddlers such as using the potty for the first time or losing a treasured dummy. Patricelli tells these tales with wit and insight, using bold graphic illustrations to reinforce the subject matter in a humorous and entertaining way.

Big Kid Bed is very much in this vein and is a gorgeous, simple and effective book, ideal for parents looking to introduce the idea of moving baby to a bed for the first time. It sensitively explores the concept of sleeping outside the protective environment of a cot and the fears that may follow. When Baby worries he will fall out of bed, Mummy and Daddy create a soft pillow landing and wedge him in with his cuddly toys. In the end, Baby decides he is delighted with his new bed and the tiny readers of Big Kid Bed will also be charmed by this sunny, funny and comforting story.