Bird House

From cover to cover this book is a journey of discovery into the world of birds. Why do birds need houses and does one size fit all? These and lots more questions are answered in this lift-the-flap book which is teeming with information on how we can provide a safe and welcoming habitat for our feathered friends.

The illustrations by Clover Robin are authentic and uncomplicated, giving the children access to the world of birds from an early age. It is also an excellent reference book for children who are learning about the variety of birds that visit and nest in our gardens. Most of the birds in this book visit our gardens each year and there are tips for an all-year round environment for them. At the end of the book there is a simple quiz to check on the information that the children have discovered.

With simple yet informative text supported by engaging illustrations Walden and Robin provide a myriad information. When you have the bird habitat set up in your garden you can then turn to Bug Hotel by the same author and illustrator to sort out the creepy crawlies.