Blink and Caution

It all starts with Blink just wanting some breakfast–eating leftover breakfast food left outside hotel rooms for staff. What's a risky, but usual occurrence ends with Blink witnessing a deliberately fake kidnapping and soon having to flee from the police.

When Caution goes behind her drug dealing boyfriend's back to get money for coffee, and then discovers he's been secretly stashing thousands of dollars from her, it sets off a chains of events that leads her to abandon Toronto to escape from her boyfriend.

When Blink and Caution's lives intersect, they hatch a plan to benefit from the kidnapping Blink is tangled in. It's foolhardy at best, fatal at its worst. It can't end well, but neither of them feels they have much to lose.

Blink and Caution is a gritty teen thriller that paints a bleak picture of the lives of runaways. Blink and Caution are both scarred from their past, blaming themselves for events out of their control.

Their trust in each other builds convincingly, despite their meeting only happening halfway through the book. The tension ratchets steadily throughout the book, the reader aware of the potential doom Blink and Caution are heading towards. For a book that often hints that happy endings aren't possible, however, the end may seem a bit tidy and convenient for some readers. Despite this, the book is a dark, refreshing change from a lot of teen offerings.