Blue John

‘There he was, lit up in the darkness, with his amethyst eyes purple and blue like the deepest glacier, and his amber hair as golden as the sun.’

Deep in a dark, dark shadow of Mam Tor mountain, the Queen of Darkness creates a child out of darkness and light, and fire and ice. Her son, Blue John, is forbidden to leave her side, but when he hears children’s laughing, his curiosity gets the better of him. Blue John is enchanted by the children’s laughter and is entranced by their dancing. Soon he is happy twirling, spinning and dancing with them.

A simple heart-warming tale with touches of legend and fable, Blue John will appeal to emerging readers, especially, perhaps thos interested in geology: Blue John is an unusual purple-blue mineral with yellow and white bands, it is found near the author’s home in Derbyshire.

Set in an easy to read font on cream-coloured paper, this story is soon to be another hit from Little Gems. Alexandria Neonakis’s vibrant, expressive illustrations are the perfect complement to Berlie Doherty’s charming tale.