Body Blow

Body Blow is the second in a trilogy about Eddie Savage who is a double agent. It is complete in itself and it is not necessary to have read the first book to follow the story. This thriller has all the usual ingredients one expects in a book of this genre: violence, glamorous setting, love interest and plenty of surprises.
The story starts in London but soon moves to the South of Spain where most of the action takes place. Eddie is a ‘reluctant’ spy but discovers that it is almost impossible to get away from this world of intrigue.

The story flows well. Eddie is the narrator but the author also gives a voice to Donnie (in italics). Donnie is part of the criminal gang. The story starts with Eddie recovering from a gunshot wound in the stomach which had been inflicted by Donnie.
Eddie is trained to take on a new identity. He is now half-Spanish and dyes his hair and tans his skin to look the part. He becomes an excellent waiter.

His bosses back in London have, of course, not told him the full story. He finds himself involved with a drugs ring and there is plenty of shooting and blood spilled. He is most concerned with saving his own neck but has the added complication of also wanting to protect his new girlfriend Juana.
As an 18-year-old, Eddie seems almost too young for the character he portrays. But overall this is a good, pacy read.