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Open the cover and let this book take you on a whirlwind tour of the British Library and its incredible collection, housed on 625 kilometres of shelves and spread over fifteen floors. With copies of every single book published in Ireland and the United Kingdom, as well as extensive catalogues of newspapers, maps and music, this magnificent building has certainly earned the right to have its own biography!

Turning each page, the reader is transported through written time, from the seventh-century St. Cuthbert Gospel, all the way to twentieth-century Sherlock Holmes, making stops at the huge Klencke Atlas, the first edition of The Times and Handel’s Music for the Royal Fireworks.

The illustrations are presented in a collage using a variety of mediums, including pencil sketches and coloured pen, and are creatively presented, such as the scientific images drawn on graph paper. Paragraphs of factual information are peppered throughout the pages along with photographs of some relevant artefacts. The overall result is both visually engaging and interesting to read.

The language and font used in this book are geared towards slightly older children, but the eclectic artwork and use of colour could appeal to younger readers with an interest in non-fiction, making this a suitable read for parents and children together. The closing suggestion to visit and support our local libraries is an excellent way to promote the use of the library services and their very own fascinating collections!