Brick Building 101: 20 Lego activities to teach kids about STEAM

Brick Building 101 is a creative take for both parents and children to explore and learn more about STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) through a much beloved toy – Lego. A stay-at-home mom of three, author Sanchez emphasizes the use of texture, colour and imagination to encourage learning through a wide variety of projects.

Based on the intuition that every child is a budding engineer, Brick Building 101 provides instructions for parents for each activity as well as information on how STEAM is incorporated into it and even gives more advanced engineers the opportunity to make the activities more complex. With Lego bricks as the main source of inspiration, most projects also involve other items commonly found at home, like crayons, playdough and paper cups, turning every project into an experience that is not solely focused on brick building.

The large, bright and friendly graphics are inviting and suitable for a great range of ages, and with friendly and easy-to-read instructions, Brick Building 101 is a book focused on learning through creative play that both parents and kids will enjoy using together (and also on their own).