Bríona ag Broinglóideach

This is a lovely children’s book about a girl named Bríona who dreams about adventures that happen to her and her family. It is aimed at an age group of between 6 and 8 and covers themes that are in the Irish curriculum such as the family, school and hobbies. It is of interest to both girls and boys because it deals with adventures about popstars, football and detectives, which would interest children. There is a lot of repetition in the story, which helps the child in learning and understanding the Irish language.

The plot appeals to the child’s imagination because of the variety of adventures that happen. The family members each have specific roles, a spy, footballer and a popstar. Even the grandmother and grandfather are boxers! The illustrations and text add great enjoyment to the story.

The illustrations are very effective because they are big, colourful and funny. The text is inviting and doesn’t cover the page. Children will really enjoy this funny book.