In this old fashioned narrative, Nicholas (Nicky) has a brother Kenny depicted in the text as ‘simple’ and with ‘learning difficulties.’ Nicky is Mister Goodguy and has to be. Their Dad (not exactly a bad guy) is on parole for possession of stolen goods. A shedful of stolen goods actually: all prime DVDs. If the dad is jailed, Nicky and Kenny will be put into foster care. Mam is not present in their lives. They endure domestic hardship amidst poverty. Their Moorgate Street life in the unnamed Village is among a nasty gang of Baddies: the Bishop brothers Rich and Rob along with Jezbo Bowen. The gang are serious aggro and maraud about with non-cuddly dogs, one a pitbull named Satan. The plot heavily details the Baddies in their leisure time netting innocent badgers for kicks. Nicky manages to rescue a baby badger whom he names Snuffy. Jezbo Bowen is a total antisocial bully, regularly calling out: ‘It’s Mental Kenny and Nicky the Poof.’ 

McGowan keeps a good pace, but the problem is the over sweet conclusion. He also misses potential plot development since Jezbo’s dad, Mick Bowen, landed Nicky’s and Kenny’s dad in deep with the law by forcing the stolen goods on him in the first place.