Bruno and the Titch: A Tale of a Boy and His Guinea Pig

Bruno is a little boy who desperately wants his own guinea pig. Titch is a guinea pig who dreams of having a Big Person of his own. The story of how they find each other and the adventures they share is beautifully written and illustrated by Sheena Dempsey. Dempsey renders her pictures in pastels with an attention to detail that encourages multiple readings (which is nice for parents, who will be there for many, MANY readings). The book is large, almost square-shaped, and is as pleasant to hold and look at, as it is to read. The story is told from the viewpoint of Titch, highlighting the differences between life as a guinea pig and life as a human, and so encourages children to accept and embrace the differences they find in others and themselves. Titch is especially hilarious, and the humour of the book complements Dempsey’s gorgeous illustrations. Adults and children, alike, will thoroughly enjoy this guinea pig’s tale.