Bullet Catcher

Imma is a 15-year-old girl working as a cleaner/dishwasher in a saloon in a town called Sand that borders the desert. She used to live at the orphanage with her brother Nikko and together they dreamed of running away to join the almost mythological group of legendary outlaws called the bullet catchers – people who can deflect bullets away from themselves with their hands. A number of years ago, Nikko did just that and left Imma behind with a promise that he would return for her. But he never has. Imma now assumes he’s dead but is resolved to find a way out for herself.

An opportunity presents itself when Imma sees a stranger deflect a bullet right before her eyes. She follows him, hoping to get the chance to learn from him the techniques to become a bullet catcher and defeat the gun slingers. Imma learns much and more about life as well as bullet catching from her mentor and this book is extremely refreshing in that while the main protagonist is a girl, there is no romantic interest for her in any other character. She’s far too busy for that!

As can be expected in a western, there is fighting, shooting, blood-spilling and drinking throughout the novel, but this book is a winner for me because you really are rooting for Imma to succeed. If you’re looking for something different, action-packed and gritty to read, look no further.