Bumposaurus, ‘Bumpy’ for short, is a baby dinosaur with a problem – from the moment he is born he is so shortsighted that he can’t even find his way out of his own egg. So begins his habit of bumping into everything, from his siblings to tree trunks, and landing himself in dangerous places, including into the nest of a Bumposaurus-eating Tyrannosaurus Rex. ‘Pudding’ says the meat-eating dinosaur, but luckily Bumpy’s family save the day and come up with a plan to stop him bumping into things again. The mixed-media illustrations by Britta Teckentrup are carefully planned – full of action and movement yet not too busy for younger eyes. She uses a strong and eye-catching palette of blues and reds, yellows and oranges to great effect. Overall, a charming book, especially good for young children who, like Bumpy at the end of the story, have to wear glasses.