Busy Spring: Nature Wakes Up

For months the garden has been quiet and grey, until one morning Dad puts on his gardening jumper and announces that it’s time to plant carrots. His two eager daughters follow him outside to a world of wonder, where the plants and animals are waking from their winter slumber. There is much for our narrator and her fun-loving little sister to see and learn, but most importantly of all – there’s work to be done.

A beautifully informative and engaging book that will inspire children to search out signs of spring in their own immediate surroundings. It captures a small but profound family experience, as the girls observe birds, buds, hedgehogs, and tadpoles, and Dad takes the time to explain how they are all busy with important spring tasks. At the end of the story, while the family are happily planting their carrots, a section titled ‘What is Spring’ explores why the seasons change and illustrates how different plants and animals respond in their own unique ways.

Chiu’s delightful illustrations pair perfectly with the simple text, capturing the beauty of nature, the excitement of discovery, and the simple joy of splashing in a puddle while wearing wellies. An ode to hard work and productivity that reminds us that while change and darkness may be inevitable, so too is new life and regrowth.