Can You Find Me?

Can You Find Me? is a fun book with a twist on the idea of the ‘Hidden Picture’ game. In it, animals are ‘camouflaged’ in 10 different spreads, each featuring a unique setting: the garden, the pond, the farm, the jungle, the cold, the ocean, the underground, the safari, at home and at night; and because it also invites the reader to look for specific animals in every spread, increasing in number as we move along (one butterfly, two tadpoles, three hens, etc.), it opens the possibility to explore numbers and counting.

As part of a series called Animosaics, it is clear that Can You Find Me? is no ordinary, run of the mill, ‘hidden picture’ book. Its illustrations are composed of modern geometric shapes, creating elaborate visual compositions that make the whole experience more fun and interesting, and they also show Sajnani’s mastery in design and her passion for Botany and Zoology.

The overall colour palette is contrasting and bright; a reflection of her inspiration in Indian Folk art, and it’s perfect for curious little eyes. It is worth mentioning there are changes in the colour palette according to each environment, which may prompt children to create a link between colour and environment temperature.

Can You Find Me? is an inspiring, beautiful and fun board book filled with possibilities!