Cannonball Coralie and the Lion

Coralie lives alone in the forest where she runs and jumps and swings from trees – not to mention juggling anything that she can find! Her skills are wonderful, and so is she – but there is no one else in the woods to see her. So when a circus comes by, Coralie decides to join, only for her dreams to be crushed by the Man in the Big Hat who says her tricks aren’t up to scratch. But with the help of her new friend Lion, Coralie realises that she’s good – and good enough – just the way she is.

This is author-illustrator Grace Easton’s first picturebook and it abounds with the frenetic energy and excitement of the circus. Featuring artwork that is stylized yet organic, vibrant yet reflective, packed with detail yet delicately rendered, her work is endlessly generous; children and adults alike will find something new every time they pick up this colourful circus adventure.

A heart-warming story about an unusual connection between a girl and a lion that’s really as simple as caring about someone else, this is a book that celebrates the joy of being yourself and believing in your dreams. Themes of friendship, loyalty, and standing up for the people you love reside at the heart of this gorgeous tale, expressed with sincere emotion through the relationship between Coralie and the Lion. A funny, delicate and quirky picturebook that holds a special message about self-belief and confidence for its readers.