Can’t Catch Me!

‘I’m going to catch you!’ says little lion as he chases animals in the savannah, but they are proving difficult to trap as they suddenly disappear from view, concealing themselves in clever places. Little lion will not be dissuaded from his fun and continues his game of hide-and-seek, until he meets his match in a very large rhinoceros who turns the tables on our playful friend. Will rhino catch little lion, or has the young cub learned a thing or two about hiding himself?

Award-winning illustrator Constanze von Kitzing delivers yet again with another charming Little Lion picturebook for young children. The muted tones of her illustrations create a gentle backdrop for the mischievous tale. The text is printed in a thick font, and with just one simple sentence per double-page, the author uses her images to further the story. As they search for the hidden creatures, children can learn about the concept of camouflage while also enjoying a light-hearted read.

This is an amusing book that could be shared by adults and small children, while the language and layout are also accessible enough for an early reader to attempt by themselves.