The Care and Feeding of a Pet Black Hole

When you lose someone you love it can feel like everything around you is being sucked into a black hole. But in Stella’s case, it actually is. Stella is crazy about space, and after a visit to NASA she is followed home by a black hole which seems to want her to adopt it as a pet. The trouble is, a black hole from outer space which swallows everything it touches is not exactly an ideal creature to share your home with.

At first, the black hole seems almost useful, swallowing up dust bunnies, old drawings and her brother Cosmo’s annoying bath toy. The horrible sweaters sent by her aunt meet a similar fate, and so do the items around the house which make Stella too sad because they remind her of her late father.

But Stella soon finds that sadness isn’t something you can throw away, and that precious things can be lost if you try to. She realises she needs to act fast to stop the black hole from sucking all the joy out of her life. Accompanied by Cosmo, she makes the strangest journey she has ever undertaken, where she discovers some things about the universe, and more about herself.

Michelle Cuevas has combined an intriguing scientific concept with very human emotions to create this unusual and absorbing story. Likely to appeal to young readers who enjoy something a bit wacky and unpredictable, it also has deeper emotional themes at its core.