Cass and the Bubble Street Gang: Diary Detectives

Cass, Lex and Nicholas are crime-fighting, mystery-solving detectives, and are also known as the Bubble Street gang. Together they are working on a new mission: Operation Catch the Wicked Writer. When the team find an old diary full of wicked deeds, they aim to find out who the diary belongs to, all while trying to overturn the harsh new rules of the Resident’s Association.

Cass is a spunky, natural born leader. She is innovative and cheeky and is determined to be the best at solving mysteries. Lex is a sweet, endearing girl with incredible talent in all things sporty. Nicholas is a sensible, sincere boy with an inspiring passion for the arts. Together these three characters create a balanced dynamic. Their personalities complement each other, solidifying the strongest of friendships. This trio is an excellent example of kind friendships that any child would be glad to have.

The plot of the mysterious diary is engaging throughout. With plenty of fun side stories, it is as if we are playing the games right alongside the gang. Cass is hilariously honest, with plenty of real laugh-out-loud moments when she says what we are all thinking.

An easy and enjoyable read, and a fantastic plot twist to end on, Diary Detectives leaves you wanting more adventures with the Bubble Street Gang.