Charlie and Me

Martin is a thirteen-year-old poet and is on a journey with his younger brother Charlie to visit the seaside town to see the dolphin they met a year ago, 421 miles away from home. And they can’t afford to get caught because this journey has a big secret behind it.

Martin and Charlie are two boys you can instantly love, with their witty humour, zest for life and heart-warming brotherhood. Charlie is funny, quirky and unique; it is a joy to get to know him. Martin is a selfless young man that would inspire any reader to become more compassionate. Their relationship combines the honesty of family life with the sweetness of young friendship.

We follow Martin as he writes entries of poetry into his notebook, while he simultaneously logs his journey with Charlie from hometown Preston to Cornwall. His poetry is insightful, complementing the narrative very well. There is an almost unbelievable secret that is revealed and changes everything about how you understand the story, so you will want to read it again and again.

The way in which issues of mental health are dealt with in Charlie and Me is respectful, honest, and frankly remarkable. Martin experiences difficulties with his anxiety, yet he thrives in the face of it and refuses to let it define him. This incredible portrayal is commendable.

Charlie and Me is a strong contender for a favourite book of the year, very highly recommended.